I love lists.

This is an extremely random post but I just wanted to declare my love of lists, I would make them in every situation possible if I had the chance. However, many people I know hate lists, for reasons unknown to me. So I thought I’d make a list of all of the advantages of making pros and cons lists, then do the very opposite, why pros and cons lists can be a very bad idea.

So here I go:

The advantages of a pros and cons list:

  • They help to organise that which is otherwise unorganised;
  • Easy to read;
  • Can easily be added to;
  • Can help to avoid procrastination;
  • Help to weigh up arguments, both for and against;
  • Helps me to feel much more at ease;
  • It’s much easier to make a decision at end of the deliberation.


  • Lists can also be a very good way of procrastinating;
  • They are very subjective;
  • This may just be me, but I always try to add more to the pros side which leads to poor life choices;
  • Can result in over thinking and thus increasing stress.

I’ve struggled to think of cons for a pros and cons list because I’m such a fan of them. I think I may make more lists in the future.


2 thoughts on “I love lists.

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